Construction Management Services

Construction management is exceptionally complex and requires a broad base of knowledge in logistics, budgeting, workforce management, and other considerations. It also demands a collaborative environment that promotes efficiency and productivity at every level. WJR provides these services to a wide range of clients from corporate office facilities, hospitality, higher education, food service, retail, and residential.

From the planning stage to project completion, our construction management team ensures the overall design, coordination, and supervision will result in a successful project. Our thorough planning process takes under consideration every risk, contingency, cost, and condition for all our clients within the NY Metropolitan area. Accordingly, WJR is able to deliver projects on-time and within budgetary guidelines.

WJR offers the following construction management services:

  • Logistics Planning
  • Bid Package & RFP Assembly
  • Bid Evaluation / Recommendations
  • Applications, Permitting and Insurance
  • Schedules
  • Site Supervision
  • Field Conditions Evaluation
  • Cost Control & Reporting
  • Design Document Review
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Financial Reports & Forecasting
  • Quality Control
  • Close Out Process

A Personalized, Hands-On Approach

Founded in 2007 by Bill and Karen Regan, the company has been built on a strong foundation of 30+ years of industry experience.  Our management team oversees every aspect of planning and coordinates with your design team, subcontractors, and other parties to assess and mitigate risk throughout the project. We provide our clients a hands-on approach and guide each client through every step of the process with confidence. No matter the nature of your commercial or residential construction project, you’ll receive honest, fair service and consistent support at every step.

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WJR offers comprehensive construction services for all projects including the pre-construction and planning phase through bidding, purchasing, build-out and project completion, for a broad range of clients.